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Frequently Asked Questions


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Will PVI build custom items?
Yes! With 3-D modeling capabilities, our computer aided design (CAD) team can create and layout equipment to your specifications. PVIFS can fabricate complete commercial kitchens or custom equipment designed by you. Our engineering team and our NSF certification ensure you will receive the highest quality products in stainless & aluminum.
Will PVI sell direct?
Sorry, PVI sells through dealers.
Is PVI NSF certified?
Prairie View Industries Food Service, Inc. is certified for NSF & ANSI (American National Standards Institute) Standard 2. PVI is also certified to custom manufacture and NSF certify stainless food service equipment.
Is PVI certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)?
PVI currently has our ramps certified by UL. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. tests many products for consumer safety and product compliance. For more information on Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. please visit their website at
Where do you build your products?
All our products are manufactured in Fairbury, Nebraska USA.